IIS? Loreena McKennitt & KP & Envyi

“The mid to late 90’s are calling.”


“They want their one hit wonders back.”

“Should I give them back?”


“What would happen if I don’t?”

“You’ll be condemned to bad music hell for all eternity.”

Well then, I guess I better give them back.

I was listening to my favorite 90’s online station this afternoon and heard three songs in a row that I remember from when I was a kid (90’s kids ftw) This first artist had an impressive Celtic hit that was released around the time Titanic was in theaters.

And no, it isn’t Celine Dion.

Song #1 The Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt.

Imagine if you will, you’ve just seen Titanic and you hear a Celtic song on the radio. You’d think that this song was tied to the movie.

Only it wasn’t. It was off of her album The Book of Secrets. The album was released on September 30, 1997. The single was released on March 7th, 1998 and it hit #18 on the Billboard chart. The song, I will admit is catchy as all hell and is powerfully delivered. I was in third grade when the song was buzzing the airwaves. Funny thing is, is I only heard it for about a month or two then it disappeared. As for the song itself: I’m not too big on Celtic music; a little goes a long way with me. I say the same thing for Enya and Clannad. The musicianship here is pretty decent, but it gets lost in the production. If you’re into Celtic/New Age music then this is for you.


No. Loreena holds her own here and is a master of Celtic music, or at least pretends to be. Other highlights of the album include The Highwayman and Night Ride Across the Caucasus.


Loreena McKennitt

All seems to be going well here at IIS? and we’re giving those one hit wonders back.

Song #2 Swing My Way by KP And Envyi

“Shawty swing my way, you sure look good to me

Now would you please swing my way?”

If you haven’t heard this song then I’m sorry, but you must’ve been living under a rock in 1998. This song was everywhere as this song reached #6 on the Billboard.I can’t seem to find much info on KP & Envyi, but they were a rap duo from Atlanta. Consisting of Kia Phillips (KP) and Susan Hedgepeth(Envyi). Both were artists who had different paths in music, but they came together for this one brief moment in music history.

The song itself is not bad. It has a decent beat and rhyme. I just wish there was more material by this group. It’s hard to base a review off of so little material to compare it to.


While it was a smash hit for the duo, they went their separate ways afterwards. This was their legacy to the world and perhaps it left their listeners wanting more. I recall this song being sung a lot in my elementary school. It has not aged well at all. So, back to the question: Yes. Despite my low praises, the beat and rhyme are the only things that save this song. The lyrics are the building blocks of today’s hip-hop and R&B. 2/5





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