IIS? Special: Two for the price of one!

We like a variety of music here at IIS. Today I’m reviewing two albums by the same artist.

The artist?

Will to Power

The albums?

Will to Power and Journey Home

We’ve all heard it at some point in our lives, something that seems so heinous and contrived; and yet so odd.

What am I talking about?

The song I’m referring to is called Baby I Love Your Way/Free bird medley, or more hilariously Freebaby.

Imagine, if you will two of the best rock songs known to man got together one night sloppy drunk, took some acid along with the booze and nine months later this song was delivered into the world. Freebaby is something that didn’t need to be made. Not only did it not need to be made, but it brings the album down. Yes I’ve heard the song is utterly danceable, but it really seems strange. The rest of Will to Power is ok, with Zarathustra being the wild track here. If you want to dance, this track is your dance song. Dreamin’, the opener is decent but forgettable. Fading Away was the other big single off the album. When compared to Freebaby (I just laugh my ass off now when I say it) this song is superior, but not on the chart. Say it’s Gonna Rain is another forgettable track, but was popular in the dance clubs. Needless to say, if you’re from southern Florida then you’ve heard this album countless times.

So, is it shit?

Like a big, steaming pile of shit.

The album is unforgettable for Freebaby. The rest of the album of course is forgettable. Fading Away was the other dim  star in the night sky of music. If this album were a constellation, most of the stars would be magnitude 5 and above, with (just shoot me now) Freebaby being a magnitude 1. Zarathustra would be that lone galaxy in the constellation because it doesn’t really fit. The album also sums up everything that was wrong with music in 1988. I’m ashamed to have been born that year. 0/5

Journey Home

This album is marginally, and I mean marginally better. The one thing that brings it down of course is the cover of 10cc’s I’m Not in Love. Man, what is it with them and covering classic tunes? Hell, not even Heatwave was safe. Sadly this album doesn’t get any better from here on out. Koyaanisqatsi is interesting and it prompted a three page review in the LA Times, but to me this “song” is somewhat dull. It’s dull because it’s just the lead singer talking over a beat, not rapping, but talking and at times you can’t quite make out what he is saying. Journey Home also shows them dabbling in house music, which was popular in 1990. Fly Bird contains  saxophone that gets annoying (Did they ask Kenny G. to play sax?) There’s even a reprise of Fly Bird at the end of the album.

Now about that 10cc cover.

10cc were a legendary band, don’t get me wrong. But yet Will to Power decided to cover the song I’m Not in Love. My question is why? Why would this get covered? 10cc did an impeccable job singing it, but here with all the slick production (Oh that slick late 80’s-early 90’s production) you get a dance song that doesn’t make me want to dance, it just makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs.

Now that I’m blind I can still hear it. Maria Mendez’s vocals are like nails grating a chalkboard.

So, is this shit?

Worse. It’s diarrhea. This whole album is like the shits you get after eating the hottest hot wings at BW3’s. You might have to change your underwear after listening to this dreck. -1/5



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