Memories N’ Music #1

They say songs can trigger memories. My brain is chock full of memories. It’s freaking scary how many memories I have stored in the hard drive that is my brain. Some of the memories I’m going to share might seem corny, but hey, the music’s in control right?

#1 Good VibrationsMarky  Mark and the Funky Bunch ft. Loleatta Holloway.

This song brings up memories of the now infamous Perfect Storm, or at least the few nights leading up to it. We were at my godparents house on Doc Ryder Drive and I remember they had the radio on in the enclosed porch. This song came on. I don’t recall what my parents were doing, but I think I danced my ass off at age 2.

#2 What I Like About YouThe Romantics

I first heard this song in December of 1994. My mother and I went over to her then boyfriend’s house on Deer Run Road where he was working on building the house. We were returning a saw to him that he left at our apartment on Salros Road which he used to cut the lower stump off of the Christmas tree. This song was playing in the background.

#3 Only Wanna Be With YouHootie and the Blowfish

Only Wanna Be With You  reminds me of the weekend I was diagnosed with Autism. It was October 7th, 1995 and this song was burning up the chart. We left Nantucket that Friday afternoon to heavy rain. We ended up staying at the Comfort Inn on Route 132 in Hyannis. We had dinner at The Coyote that night. We also went to the Cape Cod Mall, the last time I had gone there for 17 years. The drive up to Boston the following morning was wet. We went to Children’s Hospital where I underwent some tests, and a few weeks later they stated the obvious. Also see Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.


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