Music N’ Memories #2

Time for another installment of MnM.

Song #1 Operator by Real McCoy (1995)

My mom and I were driving along Nantucket’s back roads going back to our apartment from my grandmother’s house. The evening was intensely foggy as a cold front was bearing down on SE Massachusetts. Ahead of it there was thick, thick fog and high winds, which caused power outages November 14th was the date. This song came on the radio, despite it not being a single. WRZE 96.3 The Rose was known for playing album cuts.

Song #2 Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three (1995)

‘Twas the night before the Blizzard of ’96. We were over at our friends house enjoying a meal of pot roast. On the way home we were listening to Pixy 103 (WPXC 102.9 FM for the radio geeks) The DJ was saying that there was going to be a large snowstorm. Cumbersome was playing on the radio on the way there.

Song #3 I Got ID by Pearl Jam (1995)

This song reminds me of one cold February, 1996 morning where I was staying at my dads house (My parents divorced when I was four.) I can’t immediately recall where we were going. Wait a second, we were going to Hutch’s a restaurant at Nantucket Airport for breakfast. They had awesome breakfast, plus you could watch the planes takeoff and land. This song was on the radio. My dad listened to Pixy, whereas my mom listened to the Rose. In a way I was “educated” in both rock and pop by my parents.



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