IIS? 7M3, Bush, Candlebox, and Days of the New

Welcome to today’s installment of IIS, where we review albums, singles, or EP’s. Today’s foursome goes post.

Post-Grunge that is.

Post-Grunge is an interesting genre, for it’s often associated with acts like Bush or Collective Soul. Now whether or not these bands were any good is subject to debate among listeners (one debate is the whole Bush vs. Nirvana thing.) I’m not here to debate, I’m just here to review.

Song #1 Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three (1995)

Take Pearl Jam, make them angrier and put them in the south. The result is Seven Mary Three. 7M3 as they will be called from here on came from the hot and humid land called Williamsburg Virginia. They played in the local bars. They were noticed and signed to Atlantic Records. Their first effort was titled American Standard, which by itself is somewhat forgettable, that is until you hear the leading single.

Cumbersome is an angry song and it shows in the lyrics and delivery. It sounds as if Casey is singing from experience. At some point in our lives we’ve had a relationship described in the song. I can still remember when this song burned up the radio. I have a memory attached to this song, which I posted about.

So, is Cumbersome shit?

Back then I would have told you that it wasn’t and it was one of the best songs this then 7 year old had heard. It described what was going on with my parents.

Today, as a DJ I do get requests for it, and have spun it from time to time. I laugh at myself now for thinking it was the best song ever. It still doesn’t quite get to shit territory.


Song #2 Glycerine by Bush (1994)

Remember what I said about the whole Bush Vs. Nirvana argument? It’s still prevalent today. When I was at Saeger Middle School, I remember the skater kids getting into an argument about who was better, even though it was the year 2003 and not 1995. They asked me who was better. I said I had liked both bands and that was that. Nobody brought it up again from that point on if I can recall.

Glycerine is a ballad. A grungy ballad about love. I too remember this being on the radio. We were living on Nantucket (it was our last winter there) My dad would turn it up whenever he heard it on Pixy 103. My mom didn’t like the song, because it reminded her of “things.” Rossdale sings with all of his heart here. The violins are a perfect addition (Bush uses violins whenever they can.) There is a similar song on their next album, Razorblade Suitcase that’s similar in structure to Glycerine and hey they use violins. The name of that song, by the way is Straight No Chaser.

So, is Glycerine shit?

Like Cumbersome, this song dredges up memories. Some of them are good, some are bad. I’ve spun this a few times, but pretty much leave it alone.


Song #3 Far Behind by Candlebox (1993)

Candlebox. What the hell’s a candlebox anyways? Do they mean a lantern? I digress I don’t know what the hell a candlebox is.

Hold on, someone just came in. They’re handing me a piece of paper.

It says here Candlebox was a Post-Grunge group from Seattle. I remember seeing the video for this on MTV and liking it. How they were in an abandoned house and all. My  mom let me start watching MTV when I was five. I’ve thanked her since then. The song is about losing a friend (presumably to addiction or suicide)

Is it shit?

Far Behind is not shit, it’s one of the few songs by Candlebox that isn’t shit at all.


Song #4 Touch, Peel and Stand by Days of the New (1997)

I was in third grade at Fairmont Elementary when I first heard this song. It’s raw, it’s emotional and it’s a good example of Post-Grunge. I’ve even seen the video for this song. As a whole videos often mask the quality of the song. This video was poignant and strange at the same time. He was sitting in a room, with Meeks and Co. on the TV screen. This song reminds me of a man named Peter McBournie. He ran the rooming house I was living at in Falmouth, MA. He liked this band, but would always put them down when he found out I like Days of the New. Anyways, T,P&S is as decent a 1998 song as it can get. I say that because it was released  in 1998 as a single, even though Days of the New was released in 1997.

So, it is it shit?

Hell no! This song is far from shit. In fact the whole album is great. Shelf in the room is the first single off the album and it’s as good as this. So, you won’t have to worry about it being shit. 5/5


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