IIS? Baton Rouge-Shake Your Soul

When I told you we here at IIS like hair metal, I meant it. Actually we like all kinds of music from alternative to grunge to pop. What if I told you one of hair metal’s best kept secrets were from the southern United States?

Don’t believe me? Take a listen to Baton Rouge.

What, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Baton Rouge?

Deep in the swamps of Pearl County, Mississippi came a band that rocked so hard other bands noticed. Their first incarnation was named  Voices. When Voices went nowhere fast, they changed names and lineup to Meridian. Still that didn’t get them anywhere.

Not until they relocated to Los Angeles and hired producer Jack Ponti; where they changed the name to Baton Rouge and they released their first album:

Shake Your Soul.

The album is 42 minutes of lighter wavin’, headbangin’, and rockin’ out. The first track; Doctor is one solid rockin’ song that hooks you into the album. The one ballad, It’s About Time is where you’ll want to wave your Bic’s. Bad Time Comin’ Down is a fast paced track that will have you dancing in your seat (or about the room) Baby’s So Cool is similar in nature. Another ballad; There Was a Time is track #10. The album closes out with Spread Like Fire, which was released as a single in 1991.

So, was there a follow up to this album?

Yes, and I’m currently seeking it out. Lights Out on the Playground was recommended to me by a friend who said I’d like it because I liked Shake Your Soul.

So, is it shit?

No, Shake Your Soul is one of those cheesy hair metal albums that delivers a rockin’ punch. Despite this album not aging well, the songs still bring on the sleaze and excess. If you like hair metal, then you will most definitely like this album. I recommend this album to anyone who is just starting to get into hair metal. Another band from this area of the US is Lillian Axe. They rock just as hard as Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge were one of the better American hair metal groups of the extreme late 80’s and early 90s. 5/5Shake Your Soul



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