Music N’ Memories #3

It’s time for some more MnM. Tonight we go Eurodance


#1 What is Love? By Haddaway (1993)

This brings me back to when we were living on Nantucket, or more specifically the Miacomet section of the island. 24 Salros Road was an apartment building that held two single family apartments, a woodworking shop and a produce distributor. The distributor was a trip and a half. He was a hard man who took no shit from anyone. Often he took my mothers parking spot in our driveway, this would lead to her getting angry. We had moved into Salros on the 21st of September, 1993. Around that time this song was hitting the charts big time. It took some time getting used to the new place. Our neighborhood was a lot different back then, what is now the Essex Road development was once a broad, sandy plain interspersed with scrub trees.

We were the first “civilized” street off of Appleton Road. Cynthia Lane was undeveloped. Nobska Way was the street south of us. It was full of your typical blue collar people with dogs and lives of their own. We would have our rubbish on the back porch in large plastic barrels. Apparently this attracted the attention of two Old English Sheepdogs in the neighborhood who would come and eat the garbage and roll in it. They would eat anything: diapers, banana peels, paper towels you name it. They would look at you with their creepy dual colored eyes, like David Bowie in dog form.

Our first winter there was marked by this song. It was still popular then and of course being five years old, I would dance to it. I miss living at Salros because it was close to everything, yeah the rent was high and I couldn’t afford it.

#2 Mr. Vain by Culture Beat (1993)

Sometimes a song gets in your head so deep you cannot get it out.


Mr. Vain is that song for me. I have many memories attached to it, that it has become personal. I will share one here. I remember the first time I had one of those Hostess fruit pies. I was riding with my father one October night in 1993. We had stopped at Cumberland Farms and he had picked up two packs of smokes and a Hostess blueberry pie. I had never had one before and he gave it to me.

“Don’t tell your mother.” He said.

My parents separated on September 21st, 1993. We ended up living at Salros Road. My dad lived on a dirt road called Waydale Road. I had known about Waydale because my moms hairdresser was on that road.

The weather that night was cool as I recall. The sun did not shine at all that day. I ended up staying at his house that night. His place was a carriage house on a single family lot. The layout of the apartment was simple: you entered the place in the kitchen/TV room. The bathroom was off to the left and straight ahead was the bedroom. There was a door that led into the garage downstairs.

I woke up that night to searing pain in my ear. My dad took me to the ER because, hell, Otitis  can make you go deaf. On the way there at 1 in the morning this song came on. 96.3 The Rose had an overnight program called the All Night Cafe and this song made the rounds. So I remember waiting a short time in the ER. and they gave me antibiotics.

At this stage of the separation, my dad blamed my mother for everything. He complained about my health issues and delays to the doctor. He just nodded his head. My parents separation and divorce divided the town into two camps: one that supported my mother, the other my father.

I was caught between the two. My mother put me in counseling because of it. They say divorce is worse for the children. In my case it was. My mother tried hard to not let me see my father, but my grandmother intervened. She set up a plan that would eventually be enacted by the court: I would spend weekends with my father and the occasional weeknight with him.

So, Mr. Vain brings up good memories and bad ones too.

Song #3 Run Away by Real McCoy (1995)

As my time on the island was drawing to a close, there was a big finale: the winter of 1995/1996. The beginning of the winter was rainy and windy. While the mainland was getting whacked with snow, Nantucket was getting rain and wind. It wasn’t until late December and early January that we got our first snow. The storm of January 2nd-4th was the second snowstorm we had. The snow came on the front end and back end. In the middle was rain and fog. My first grade classroom had large windows that overlooked the playground. We could see the snow falling. Little did we know that that weekend the Blizzard of ’96 would visit us.

This first storm was mild, with only 4 inches to its name on Nantucket. This song played on that snow afternoon when mom came to pick me up.



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