IIS? D-A-D,Tora Tora, and Stage Dolls

Sometimes bands get lost in the shuffle amongst the bigger, more successful bands out there. Sometimes these bands are relegated to one hit wonder status, as these three bands will show.

Song #1 Sleeping My Day Away by D-A-D (1989)

D-A-D were a Danish hair metal band from Copenhagen that stormed onto the scene with the album No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims. On it, the lead single Sleeping My Day Away quickly stormed up the rock charts. Originally called Disneyland After Dark, they changed the name to avoid legal issues. Why this album didn’t get any bigger is a mystery to me. Every song, including this one is hard rockin.’ I was a year old and living on Nantucket with my parents when this song stormed up the chart. Pixy 103 played it nonstop for a few weeks, but then they stopped and just as quickly as they had come D-A-D fell off the face of the earth.

Is it Shit?

Hard to tell really. Hair metal is one of those genres that is all about the lifestyle. D-A-D played into the lifestyle very well, with one solid offering. The song covers all of the bases:

Loud guitar? Check

Solos? Check

Lyrics about women? Check, check, and check.

For a late 80’s glam offering this is a pretty solid track. I just wish there were more singles. It is kind of hard to tell if one song is shit when there are no other really large or small singles to make an opinion out of. So, I’m going to say that no, this song is not shit at all. 4/5

Song #2 Walkin’ Shoes by Tora Tora (1989)

The American south is one of the last places you’d look for a hair band, but like Lillian Axe and Baton Rouge they were perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the genre. Forming in Memphis, Tennessee Tora Tora were loud and rockin’ hard. Like D-A-D, they released one major single and then fell of the face of the earth. I still think it was  grunge. This song rocks every second. It’s not a ballad, but a moderate paced song. The whole Surprise Attack album is pretty good.

Is It Shit?

Like most hair metal groups, you get what you pay for. When grunge came and put hair metal down, Tora Tora were forgotten. Even their 1992 album Wild America went unnoticed by the record buying public, as they were caught up in buying albums like Nevermind, Ten, and Dirt. So, to answer my question, no this song is not shit. I will review the rest of Surprise Attack at a later date. 4/5

Song #3 Love Cries by Stage Dolls (1989)

Wow, northern Europe sure loved  hair metal. Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, Stage Dolls rocked onto the scene in mid-1989 with their hit single Love Cries. Cries is a power ballad and it was moderately successful on the chart(#46). The video for the song features them playing at a truck stop on a cold winters night (Although it could be in the middle of the day, since it is Norway.)

Is It Shit?

No, and I’m not biased either with it being one of my favorites. This song got me to check out the other Stage Dolls albums. All rock hard, all solid. It’s a shame they don’t get more recognition in the US, as they are a solid group. 5./5



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