IIS? Days of the New-Days of the New I

Journey back with me to the distant land that is June 1997. I was just finishing up second grade at Glenridge Elementary in Clayton, MO. My future Stepdad was an avid listener of 105.7 The Point, or KPNT for the radio nerds. He liked Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden; you get the picture. So when this came about he snatched it up. Many of us Millennials know of the great grunge groups, but post-grunge was for us to look after.

Take Travis Meeks. Meeks was only a teen himself when he cut this album in ’97. You would think that this would be an album about girls, you know teen stuff.

Only it’s not. The subject matter sung about here is dark and deep. Something that would fit right in with Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam for that matter. The band that cut this album was quickly put together and was signed to Outpost Records; the brainchild of Scott Lit, who was the former producer of R.E.M.

The album kicks off with “Shelf in the Room.” This track has a nice melody and harmony. An excellent way to kick off the album. A video was shot to accompany the song. The video is strange, but fits right in.

The next track is the big single off of the album “Touch, Peel, and Stand.” The song is quite emotional and dark. Touch deals with the notion that YOU are in control of you and that you are the master of your destiny. Like Shelf, this song had a video to accompany it. The video features a person sitting in a somewhat dark room, a look of anger on his face. Eventually the guy shaves his hair off and stands in front of a curtain. Strange I know.

“Face of the Earth” is another ace track off of this album. It deals with spirituality.

“Solitude” is one of the only tracks on this album that I didn’t like as much. “The Down Town” is the other.

“What’s Left For Me?” is an angsty song that could have been so much more. It’s pretty good for a late 90’s song.

“Freak” is yet another solid track. It has all the ingredients for a post-grunge song.

“Now” is an epic track off of this album. The band really shines here. Highly recommended track to listen to.

So far the album is incredibly solid. There’s a good chance you would’ve heard at least one song from this album some time during 1997/98. In the sea that was bland alternative music, this was an island. Meeks is incredibly talented; it’s a shame he dove into methamphetamine addiction. Days of the New is a staple in my radio program. Since I ditched the 80’s and went 90’s only, you’ll be hearing more stuff like this.

So the big question is, is it shit?

Days of the New, while not perfect has many good attributes. The vocals are excellent. The musicianship is top notch and the way the band plays in harmony shows that DotN was a well oiled machine. Unfortunately what would come next for the band was anything but good. Meeks fired the rest of the band, which went on to form Tantric (A subject for a future post) and he kept releasing albums under the Days of the New name. This album is not shit, despite having two tracks I did not like, the album is solid. 5/5




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