Is It Shit? Information Society by Information Society

Information Society by Information Society, June 21, 1988

Synthpop is like baking a loaf of bread. You must get the exact ingredients and in the exact measurements. Either you have a loaf of bread after baking, or you have a disaster. Some examples of great synthpop include Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. Then you have the disasters like Celebrate the Nun.

Information Society are not great, but they are not a disaster. They’re more like a baker who’s still inexperienced, yet quickly learning the ways of culinary arts. This album was released in June of 1988, the opening track, What’s on Your Mind? (Pure Energy) is a dance anthem, and you will dance to this, trust me. The second track is called Tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bit somber in the intro, but that is quickly cast aside for its danceability. So far, we’re batting a thousand. There is a loaf of bread (we hope) here.

Next, we have an ABBA cover. Lay All Your Love on Me. I am not a fan of ABBA and never really have been. This track is one I skipped. The loaf is starting to get distorted. Repetition, the fourth track is a ballad. The video was a bit odd if I recall. There is decent arrangement in the production, but it still falls flat. The song just doesn’t have the oomph as What’s on Your Mind. Walking Away was another hit for the group, and it has a somber air to it. I can see myself dancing to this, but maybe it’s because I have depression.

Over the Sea is yet another track on this album that I do not like and I do like synthpop, I like it a lot. Even though it’s danceable, I just don’t see many people dancing to this. Maybe it’s because it’s not a well-known song. Attitude is another one to skip. This song just falls miserably flat. Attitude bored me; not to death mind you, but close. Something in the Air is interesting, as it kept my ears busy with all the arrangements. This one is a keeper.

Running is the sleeper on this album. Originally the song was released four years prior to little success. When the album was being recorded, it was decided to put this track onto it, to see if it could be a hit.

It was, at least briefly. The dance clubs would play this and people would get out on the floor and dance. The song made me dance, and I can’t dance very well. So far, our loaf of bread looks grotesque and burned.

The final track is called Make It Funky. The track features the same voice that Stephen Hawking uses. “Who is god?” it asks. I don’t want to know what god that voice prays to. The album ends, and yet I don’t feel satisfied.

Information Society would go on to release an album two years later, called Hack. Information Society is the sophomore effort of the group, but it is their most known. This album contains a lot of misses and few hits. The hits that were there made a large impact on the dance floors of the world. So, I must ask the question: Is It Shit?

Yes, the rest of the album, aside from the singles is a steaming shit pile. Not totally a zero, but not a five. Perhaps if better technology existed at the time, this album would’ve been a masterpiece. Danceable, but that’s about it.


Sammy P.


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