Three Freestyle Songs

Time After Time by Timmy T; 1990: The Latin Freestyle movement was big in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Growing in southeastern Massachusetts (Nantucket) during this time, one was bound to hear such artists. Timmy T. is no exception. The song has all the ingredients for a freestyle track. The beat and rhythm are fast paced, so this song will make you dance your ass off. I thought the rest of the album this is on is a bit of a dud. This song got massive airplay on the local pop station, but as quickly as it came, it disappeared. 3/5

If Wishes Came True by Sweet Sensation; 1990: As I stated before; the local stations near Nantucket played a lot of Latin freestyle. Like Timmy T at #1, Sweet Sensation hit the scene big time in 1990 with their signature hit If Wishes Came True. The song has a slow pace to it and guitars! This song was everywhere, including the Cape Cod Mall. This song has the distinction of being one of the first songs I can associate with a place. The lyrics are typical fluff, and just like Timmy T, Sweet Sensation faded into oblivion. 5/5

Thinking of You by Safire; 1989: I was just over a year old when this song debuted on top 40 stations. The story behind it is very, very sad. The song is about her uncle who was dying of AIDS. As for the song, it’s a simple bittersweet song. Safire never really had much airplay with any of her other hits. This was her largest hit and rightfully so. The song is slow paced and stays the same throughout. Solid songwriting helps. 5/5


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